Which non-profit organization or charity do you work with ? 

We are currently the fundraising partner of the international non-profit organization called Equality Now. they fight for legal justice and equality for girls and women around the world. 

Feel free to visit their page : www.equalitynow.org 

What is the donation process ? 

10% of our sales benefits are redistributed to the charity or non-profit organization featured at the time of purchase. The client is noticed when the donation is made (every few months).

Who does the printing and fulfills the orders ?  

We create only what you really need. All of our products are created on demand which means they are printed or embroidered only when you place the order. Having 0 unsold products and 0 storage costs allows us to provide attractive prices to our clients and a higher amount of donation money to the charity we work with. It’s a sustainable model we believe in and that works for us. 

Our printing supplier is Gelato (based in Norway, with production centers in more than 30 countries), our textile manufacturer is Stanley & Stella (based in Belgium with production centers worldwide), our textile printing supplier is Inkthreadable (based in London), and embroideries is Leman Broderie (HQ in France). 

For us transparancy is key. Which is why we share everything about us in the page called "Our story" 

What is the average shipping time for your products ? 

It depends on the products. 

  • PRINTS : Fulfillment 48 hours + Shipping time 2 to 3 business days 
    • Embroideries : Fulfillment 48 hours + Shipping time from France is 2 business days 
    • Textile printing : Fulfillment 3 to 5 business days (COVID Restrictions) + Shipping time from the UK is 2 to 5 business days
  • HOME & LIVING : Fulfillment 2 to 3 business days + Shipping from France if 2 to 3 business days 

Where do you ship and how much does the shipping cost ? 

  • PRINTS : Worldwide (Exceptions for legal restrictions, we do not ship to Cuba, Iran, Crimea, Syria and North Corea) with a local printing system. Our supplier has multiple productions centers in order to fulfill your order the closest possible to you. 
  • STREETWEAR : Europe only
  • HOME & LIVING : Europe only

Shipping costs are calculated based on your home address when you place your order. You will have the information before final confirmation. 

When was Janolo launched ? 

Janolo was initially launched with Janolo Art in July 2020. Then we launched  the artist platform "Janolo and Friends" and streetwear "Janolo Street" on November 2020.