Tendance déco 2021 : Les 5 couleurs à adopter

Deco trend 2021: The 5 colors to adopt

That's it, it's decided, you want to add a dose of novelty into your home. After you've collected the inspirational photos on Pinterest, and dreamed of the perfect style, it's time to get down to business.
And like every year, in decoration as in fashion, colors are renewed and punctuate new trends, Janolo has deciphered for you the colors on which to bet and how to adopt them.
So are you ready to put some color in your life?
A bit of culture: In 2020, Pantone's Classic Blue was voted color of the year. Symbolizing stability, comfort and confidence.
In 2021, gray and yellow are in the spotlight, and it is about a positive message, adventure, resilience and hope. Quite a program… Because yes, we lend a lot of virtues to colors, so there is no question of missing out!
And if the idea of ​​repainting your entire apartment in yellow doesn't appeal to you, no problem with other alternatives!
Between comforting shades and nude and natural tones, here is the guide to the 5 colors of the moment:
1) Variations of green
Present for several seasons, green is available in 3 key shades this year. In khaki, olive version, it brings a modern and trendy touch to our walls and we mix it with beige or ecru for an even softer style. In anise version, it refreshes and plays the retro card.
At Janolo we like to sublimate these nuances by displaying posters with graphic black lines such as Warrior Ladies by coco, supplemented by a vegetal touch to accentuate an ultra contemporary decor and bring a cozy e asy touch .
You follow ? On the accessory side, the marriage with natural materials, such as sandstone vases or woven rugs is ideal. And as a final touch, we fall for a bouquet of hydrangeas, the flower of the season.
  • 2) A chic & authentic brown
Still in the theme of natural and soothing colors, we present you the brown and its many variants (which are particularly popular!)
Undeniably chic, it infuses a noble side into any interior.
Our favorite ? A slightly glazed chestnut, in a “ cappuccino foam” style, more original and more unique than a beige.
As for accessories, we focus on details: such as a wooden wall frame , curtains or cushions in chocolate tones.
  • 3) An arty style thanks to the old rose
Soothing, a bit romantic and very fresh, we adopt it in a powdery and clear version so as not to overload the space. In small touches or on full sides, it is ideal in a bedroom or in a living room, associated with light wood, green marble and copper.
Far from the too traditional idea, we modernize it by focusing on a trendy art deco design style . We appreciate it on a velvet sofa or as a wall art with for example a signature poster: Nudes by Goldyy
or Moonlight by Nina ideal for a soft and enveloping atmosphere.
And for fans of pink: show off the color with a reversible one-piece swimsuit from Janolo. Our favorite: the 1-piece double-sided
4) A unique saffron yellow
A frank and dynamic color that smells of escape ...
Particularly appreciated on a wall to enlarge and gain in light, this shade is also perfect for a terrace or in a kitchen. It adds pep and a certain chic to our spaces. And if you are more discreet, you can opt for accessories such as beautiful colorful ceramic plates to brighten up your tables on summer evenings.
The right mix and match? Combine the saffron yellow of the illustration signed Mathilde polidori Look at me in the eyes with light wood, mouse gray or pure black.
5) Terracota everywhere
Essestial !
Terracota, which means terracotta in Italian, is a color that warms our interior and gives an impression of escape.
A reminder of the southern lands, raw and wild ... a burning hue that can be integrated into both interior and exterior decor.
Sublime with brown, khaki or sand beige, we do not hesitate to play the card of mixing genres and highlighting a painting like the Woman with dogs model which blends perfectly with this captivating decor.
So, take your brushes!
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Juliette Weiss ,
Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist