Customisation : Tendance incontournable & conseils pratiques

Customization: Unmissable trend and practical advices

Does Upcycling and Customization speak to you?
Hyper trendy on social networks, it's a great way to make a product unique, and to express your personality while twisting the codes. But it is also a way to consume differently by valuing old pieces!
So to be able to say with pride “I did it” and clearly display your style while remaining committed, Janolo reveals his tips and tricks to you.
Follow the leader !
Ecological awareness and desire to consume differently, recently, even the luxury industry has taken to it, like Miu-Miu, Marni or Balenciaga and his oversize coat in "laces".
The idea of ​​reusing raw materials to create new ones is no longer a bad word, proof of this with the exclusive capsule collection by Janolo, and our tips for upgrading your wardrobe in an extremely simple way.

1- The Tye and Dye

Since fashion is an eternal restart this summer, “back to basic ”.
The tye and dye is this cult dye from the 70s, also known for its psychedelic patterns as for its rapid realization. Affix on a beach bag or on an oversized linen t-shirt for example, the choices are numerous.
At Janolo we have prepared a little tutorial for you to make your summer t-shirt step by step.
Equipment :
a colorful t-shirt
A basin
Steps :
1 / Pour a glass of bleach into a basin filled with water.
2 / Fold the t-shirt as you wish and tie it with the elastics.
3 / Once rolled up, immerse it in the basin.
Leave to soak for one to 5 hours
4 / Take out the t-shirt, and after having wrung out and removed the elastics, do not forget to dry it in the sun and especially to clean it to remove the bleach. 


That's it!

2 - hats 

In straw or felt, the hat is the ideal accessory for a confident look, summer and winter. And so as not to have the same one as your neighbor, you customize yours with fabrics, jewelry and other sewing threads.
Janolo's tip: Before starting out, always anticipate the result. Plan your choices in advance, bet on combinations of colors that match, such as shades of green and gray for example. The main thing is to have a little idea of ​​the creation you are aiming for, to avoid the failure.
Another option is to choose a bob with a minimalist design like the “ Boobs Bob ” by Janolo, which you accessorize with touches of paint or a pretty pattern, small and repeated several times. In short, let your creativity speak for itself!

3- The denim jacket 

Resistant, and stylish, it is the partner of our summer festivals, our chill afternoons and our shopping sprees.
And to make it unique (in your image!) Janolo has created his first capsule collection from second-hand denim jackets. Embroidery, patchwork of fabrics and signature illustrations, spruce up your Janolo fashionable look , for a perfect mix of art and fashion. Oversize, minimalist or colorful, we show our love for structured lines and upcycling through these unique pieces limited to only 10 copies. So quickly, we hurry ...
Available on request or on the instagram account @Janolo_official

4- sneakers

Fan of shoes? We understand you… but rather than constantly buying new ones, why not give life to your old sneakers?
There too the choices are numerous and no need to be a great, since it is a question of accessorization. Head to the haberdashery, where you can choose beads, ribbons, buttons, colored threads and even brooches. Once cut, they are put on these laces for a glitter effect where they are glued to the shoe itself. You can also choose to draw patterns or paint some or all of them. This year, the fashion is in pastel shades, so we choose a light blue, a purple or a mint green for trendy sneakers and right on trend.
It's your turn …
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