5 astuces de décoration pour dynamiser son intérieur

5 tips to energize your home

If this year our travel possibilities are limited, our desires for elsewhere are still present. So failing to really change the air, and since we spend a lot of time there, we take the opportunity to upgrade our interior, without breaking the bank. Extremely simple tips, rule of 3 and varied inspirations, JANOLO tells you everything to boost your decor!

1- We choose the right lights

We can never say it enough, light is the key to a rejuvenating space. Neither too direct nor too weak, the ideal is to be able to adapt its intensity. The basis is to play with natural light and contrasts. For example, white or bold colors are used in north-facing rooms, which tend to be darker and neutral colors such as water green, or light blue in south-facing rooms. Another important point is to favor indirect, softer and warmer light. To do this, we decorate the spaces with light garlands, ideal for a cozy atmosphere. You hang them on your bed contours, around your paintings or you opt for accumulation in a transparent vase for example. The choices are varied and the result assured.

2- We upgrade our storage

Here too it is a question of clarity because, a calm mind is also an organized interior. At Janolo we are a fan of reclaimed version storage such as wooden boxes, ideal for an improvised bookcase, a hanging shelf, or even a personalized nightstand. And you don't have to be a great handyman: After having carefully selected the body (think about its size, its weight, and its design), we sanded it, then we repainted it as desired. In accumulation or attached to the walls, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to saving space.

3- We dress your interior

No successful decoration without the presence of works of art in your interior. Whether you are followers of the minimalist and refined style or on the contrary lover of colors and patterns, the choices of your works reflect your personality, so you must choose them with care. At Janolo, we have selected for you various creations , with multiple inspirations, and always committed. Ideal for enhancing a wall, they also allow you to play on contrasts and oscillate between frames of different formats, to hang them on the walls but also to put them on the floor for a sophisticated bohemian style. And you, will it be your next crush?

4 - vegetalize

Small or large space, it doesn't matter. To bring a touch of vitality and a hyper desirable urban jungle side, we have here and there green plants and / or pretty bouquets. Suspended or in pots, we love these touches of greenery at the heart of our interior. The trend of the moment? The cactus and the yucca. Whether mini or maxi, raised on a plinth or directly placed on your floor, we vary the shapes and arrangements and we create our own "Garden of Eden" in the heart of our apartment. To perfectly complement this "vegetable" decoration, you can find accessories in natural materials, such as macrame for example (very trendy!) Or terracotta pottery.

5 - Linen: we opt for sobriety

If prints, patterns and other intoxicating colors all have their place in your interior, on the linen side, we advise you to bet on plain bed sheets, in sober and subtle shades, such as saffron yellow, deep gray or ecru. . Indeed, we tend to tire less of natural colors, so we do the same for bed throws and curtains, and we opt for embossed quilted fabrics, honeycomb style, or crumpled linen for a style perfectly in trend.

BONUS TIP: Do not forget the rule of 3 -

At Janolo, there is a trick that we have learned by heart to ensure a good harmony in the decoration, it is the rule of 3: No more than 3 colors, three styles, of 3 vases ... with a few exceptions like frames and books for example, this rule allows us to keep a certain consistency in our space, because we can quickly become overloaded with regard to accessories, inspirations and new trends. So, decoration side, think trio!
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